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(Darth and Moses will never win the web war.)

I felt sorry for Hreczkosij being voted WORST GOLFER by the campus golf team last year.
So this picture is to inform the golf team what a valuable asset they've lost.

Steve H... Golfus Extrordinus
Steve H.: Golfus Extrordinus

Department of D-Fence

Cadet Derstler (looks just like Shelton) Profile:

  • Cadet, Army ROTC
  • Just appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs by Secretary of Defense
  • First cadet to be Chairman of Joint Chiefs
  • Resembles Army general Henry Shelton
  • Likes hot chicks
  • Dislikes chicks that aren't hot (see above)
  • Bases ground tactics from Chutes and Ladders board game
  • Ambition is to date a White House Intern--preferably hot
  • Highest honor awarded: "The Motivation Bone" (from Moses ... LAF!!)

    Proof Jason just got promoted from Cadet to General:
    Jason at a photo op
    Jason's comment:
    "I'm going to beat every Chief of staff at NCAA Football 98 ... except Space"

    That's all the dirt we have right now......

  • Darth and his "PHONEy" Escapades!!

    Click on the speaker to listen in about Darth and his cooky antics!

    Space calling in a love song for Darth and his woman. (What a great selection for the song by the DJ!...not) (35k .mp3)
    Darth's scream is the loudest as he attempts to break free of the riot at Clash of the Titans. (22k .mp3)
    This is what Darth tells Space when he goes in his dorm room--"Get out!". (9k .mp3)
    This answering machine message I find downright insulting..... Moses! (32k .mp3)
    Speaking of answering machines, could this be Darth again?!? (16k .mp3)
    Dan's farting AGAIN!! Suprise, suprise! (15k .mp3)
    Ol' indecisive Dan!!! Can't decide what to do!! (101k .mp3) Dan likes Schweppes water ... so this coffee creamer from Cracker Barrel is appropriate...
    This is what happens when Dan loses at "phone tag." (25k .mp3)
    Yet another air biscuit... *sigh* (17k .mp3)
    Someone (not naming names) calls me at home... (57k .mp3)
    Notice his improved attitude even after a year a pilot training? (54k .mp3)

    Moses never could beat me at Descent, over the network...
    "Look at me! I just created Space's Head page!
    I'm out of control Moses!!"

    "I'm Dan! Will anyone change me?? WAAAAAAAAHHH!"

    "Hi. I'm Ernesto DiVittorio.
    I enjoy fibbing stories about Space and altitude chambers.

    Please buy my new Fisher Price DiVittorio-Weeble-Wobbler!
    Oh! Look!.... the craziness!"

    Buy the Fisher Price pilot pop-up plane RIGHT NOW!

    This is how Ernesto feels after test-wobbling his weeble-wobbler:
    "I'm Ernesto--dancing BDU king!! The chicken dance rules! I defeat all man!"

    How Dan will be immoralized in the USAF. How Mozo will be immortalized in the Army What Dan does at work.
    Thanks to Duff for this one...

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